larivee22 (larivee22) wrote,

First Day on Meds

The OCD symptoms seem to have been the first to resolve themselves.  For the first time in years, or maybe ever, I don't have the urge to run back to check everything in my apartment when I'm already half way to the bus.  Also, the compulsive thought cycles about how irritating behavior "x" or "y" in some people (or the entire population of Boston) can be are totally gone.  I also feel more chatty, I'm watching that one because it seems a little manic-ish -- when I first took them, the meds made me foggy so I went to sleep early and got up clear headed.  (I think my coworkers were actually a little surprised by my uncharacteristic sociability in the morning.)  And it doesn't feel manic to me, but I seldom have pleasant mania symptoms so I can't say it isn't.  But to be optimistic, possibly it's just that I was plagued with more social anxiety than I thought, or that now my brainspace is no longer occupied by symptoms and management of same, I actually can relax enough to chat.  
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