larivee22 (larivee22) wrote,


1.  One of my uncles won an axe throwing contest.  Now he wants to form a family team.  He couldn't have chosen a group of people less fundementally suited to axe throwing, yet he soldiers on.

2.  Poor Ziva got a scratch on her cornea.  Now her eye is puffy.  It is our fault, somehow.  Dad has been faithfully giving her her drops. 

3.  Saw my CBT therapist (Paola), who says I'm doing really well, and if I continue doing well can cut down to 1 therapy session a month.  After about a year or so, I'll just stop going to her and see the Psycho Pharm lady every 1-3 months to make sure my meds are holding.  I will be doing that for the rest of my life probably, as my current stability has proven the whole "chemical imbalance" theory, but compared to running back and forth to mental health specialist every week and change it'll be downright restful.  
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