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1.  Spanish class was moved from Tuesday night to Monday night at the last minute, because the people who plan these things at CCAE are kind of yutzes.  However, the teacher seems cool, and my therapist has successful shifted me to Tuesdays in spite of initial fears that would not be possible.  (Quitting therapy was never the option, because I'm still in my observation period for pills.  Given the fact that I'm tolerating the pills extremely well, I'm probably more depressive than bipolar but the diagnosis is still a little too close to the line so I really do need supervision.  So if push came to shove, I'd have to quit Spanish.  But that doesn't look like an issue right now.)

2.  Annie is gone!  And we can all breathe and cheerfully kick people out fifteen minutes after the damn museum closes.

3.  I'm using my last few Annie paychecks to buy a much coveted (and, since my old winter boots fell apart in Newport, sorely needed) pair of Doc Martens red Vintage boots for winter boots.  

4.  My crochet is improving!  I've got a scarf half made using fishnet stitch.

5.  I ran the Orchard House 10k in an hour and twenty two minutes.  

6.  I need to go make dinner!
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