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Therapy Notes

I'm taking two intensive Spanish classes this semester instead of one, so most of my therapy until May or so is going to focus on stress management and my Superwoman delusions. Not that taking two classes was a bad idea, in fact even my therapist (fluent in Spanish herself) endorses it as the next logical step.  I know this is the only way to really make progress with a language I want/need to have quite a bit of fluency in.  But I'm torn between the excitement of my inner brain box Hermione personality and the depression of a person who is really going to miss watching I Love Lucy while crocheting a blanket for my cousin's wedding.  

I'm acclimating to the pills, but they still make me groggy at times, and the week before my period they don't work that well.  I hope this is just a thing that they do,  I don't want liver problems or more pills.  But I'm also not thrilled with a life of agoraphobia and sobbing fits.  So I'm trying to hammer out a compromise. 

Another development in therapy is that my therapist finally hooked up my lifelong hypochondria with the fact that one of my aunts died really young.  I've spent years having this conversation:

Any therapist:  Do you think there's a reason for your hypochondria?
Me:  Well, my aunt died pretty young, and I'm named after her.  So I've always been aware that we're all not going to live forever...
Any therapist: *not listening*  Of course, hypochondria does just happen some times....

Maybe they were wrong about the pills too.  (And that snap you hear is the breaking of my "don't whine about the crazy pills" New Years' Resolution.)
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