larivee22 (larivee22) wrote,

New Year's Resolution Watch: The Vegetarianing

10.  (Nicely) get the caff to adequately mark vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, because they've just started offering "vegetarian" options with fish, chicken broth, and other non vegetarian ingredients.  Ugh.  

I ended up recruiting another vegetarian who worked in the STD unit with me to help orchestrate a phone calling and email writing campaign to try to get the caff to see why marking fish dishes and things with chicken broth in them as vegetarian was not okay. his Friday was the first day the published menus actually reflected seriously vegetarian friendly choices.  Is New Year's Resolution 10 over?  God, I hope so. 

Next:  I have a dentist appointment on the 22nd at 8, which I decided to keep, even though I was invited to a meeting at 10:30 the same morning at the eleventh hour this past Friday.  Hopefully, I'll be out of the dentist's office at 8 and in my office before 10:30.  I thought about canceling but I really need to get some dental things taken care of (I haven't been in over three years) and I told them weeks before the meeting that I would have to have the time off.  Cross fingers that I didn't do something stupid
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