larivee22 (larivee22) wrote,

Fun with Relatives

Spending a lot of time with Eric's family lately, which is interesting because we don't get to see them as much, as they live over an hour away.  (That may not seem like much to people from other parts of the country, but in Massachusetts that's a long distance.)  Our first trek into the howling void of west of Boston (kidding) was to Eric's aunt Sue's house near Worcester, to visit some Italian relatives who had just flown into town to tour the US and Canada.  I tried speaking a little Spanish to them, explaining that people in the US didn't really get many chances to learn Italian but if they felt more comfortable speaking another Romance language, then I knew Spanish.  They seemed to be appreciative of the gesture, even if they probably knew better English than I did Spanish, but it was useful to introduce a few Spanish words in when English failed.  

That was on Wednesday night.  On Saturday, we went to Eric's cousin's wedding in their backyard in Winchendon, which was a genuine hootenanny.  It didn't have an obvious Country and Western theme, but Winchendon is pretty rural, there was a lot of country music being played, and a whole pig was barbecued, which makes it country enough for me.  (I expected to be upset about the pig, but it was weirdly interesting.  With the exception of the fish at Asian eateries, I'd never seen a meal look so much like a dead animal before.  A sad commentary on our times. It was sociologically fascinating to see people who were normally meat eaters be repelled by it.  I feel it's a little like hunting in that it's a bit more okay if you really take a moment to acknowledge what you're eating.  Not that I had any, they had a variety of vegetarian edibles -- including some lovely grilled corn and potato salad -- so it was cool.)   They got married in front of their flower trellis, to a backdrop of a wonderful tree lined valley, and there were a few rather picturesque flashes of lightening during the ceremony.  

I also ran 10k this weekend, almost by accident.  It was as hot as hell yesterday, but I was still feeling pretty good when I finished 5k.  I thought about it for a few minutes, texted Eric to bring some more water to the park because I was going for 10k, and then I ran my little legs off, slowly.  My usual time is about an hour twenty, which is too slow.  I did this 10k in two hours because I had to take so many shade breaks, but I felt I had to do it because I felt up to it and it had been at least two months since I did a full 10k and my Orchard House 10k is about a month away and I sooooooo do not want to be one of the last people coming in this time.  My feet were killing me this morning, but I did some yoga and tried staying off my feet for most of the day and now I feel pretty good. 
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