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So Friday night I met up with my Psycho Pharm and was told I was doing wonderfully, and may just have to spend the rest of my life on a 10mg to 20mg maintainence dose of Gleemonex.  This is pretty great news, however, I managed to put in a "does that mean medication is optional?" moment that irritated the hell out of everyone.  "Low dose" is apparently not equivalent to "no dose," which is frustrating.  I'd like to experiment with going off my meds, but even I have to admit that seems like a bad idea. (One of the withdrawal symptoms is "brain zaps", also called "cranial zings.")  Apparently, I've been on this stuff long enough to forget how badly off I was.  Or at least that's what Eric says. 

Anyway, I went on to meet Eric in the park for an eggplant sub and a Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings concert. It almost got rained out, in fact the opening act -- the principal of a school in Roxbury who had a second career as a Billboard-placing soft jazz artist  -- was a real trooper.  He played through the begining of the rain storm, but a representative from from the Mayor's Office came on stage and told everyone to take cover. Everyone took cover except the princpal, who was in the middle of the rapidly vanishing crowd, playing his heart out.

Then everyone mobbed the Waterfront Marriott.  I ended up standing several feet away from a Dap King, but was too nervous to say hi.  Oh well.  The Marriott was nervous about having us in there, but it all worked out in the end.  Eventually the rain stopped and the show was back on.  The roadies mopped off the stage and we were treated to an hour an a half of awesomeness.  I drank a gigantic bottle of Coke to keep the Chexbrex from messing with my enjoyment of the show, but by the time the show was over and we made it to the subway I was really out of it.  

I washed the mud off my feet (sandals had, in retrospect, been a bad choice).  

The next day I was on at the museum.  It didn't go badly, but it was so busy that I'll be glad when this exhibit is over.  

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