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For the past few weeks my meds haven't been holding up as well, and they cut out pretty much entirely when I came down with the Drippy Cold From Hell last week, so I've gotten an adjustment to a maintenance dose of 20mgs of Lexapro, which should fix it.  I knew I was in trouble last night when I was reading a book on Robert Oppehenheimer, and it said that when he was depressed he'd roll around on the floor, and I caught myself wondering if that would bring me any relief.  I actually thought to try it during a particularly bad moment at work today.  (Everyone.  Has.  Chlamydia.) 

The past few weeks haven't been all bad, though.  I seem to be hanging out at the coffee maker in the morning, warming up and actually talking to my coworkers, which I used to be too tired to do in the mornings.  I've also taken to crocheting scarves for Eric's cousin, and I'm doing some practice swatches for a hat for my nephew-not-in-law.  

The colors of Fall have really popped this year, and unlike last year the cold has settled in to stay.  I love seasons, I hope we don't have a repeat of last winter for a good long time.  

Oh, also, I made fairly decent time on the Tufts 10K for Women last week, for not being able to breathe through my nose: 1:27:41. 
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