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Resolutions Kept?

1.  Save enough money to go to the dentist.  Go to the dentist. (I don't have dental insurance and I do have a lot of other bills, so this is tricky.  However, I've just climbed out of a pit of insurance crap, so I'm feeling optimistic.) 

Bwahhahahhahahaha!  No.  I think the closest I got was to make a list for a number of prospective dentists in August.  

2.  Keep on top of insurance stuff, and the medical appointments I need, without living in fear of those envelopes coming in the mail. (Ambition!) 

Actually, I did do a pretty good job of this, after a rough start to the year when Harvard Pilgrim decided to not cover therapy and in August when they decided not to cover the crazy pills, I managed my reimbursements and payment tracking well. 

3.  Figure out a consistent spiritual practice.  (This one is something I find myself doing at least a little bit every year, but it seems like something I should really work harder on.) 

I did a lot of meditating, praying, and reading relatively consistently this year.  I'll never be Charlie (Charlene?) Church, but I have made the effort to be less concerned with the ephemeral material short term, etc.  

4.  Progress in my Spanish studies.  

Done! I am now on par with a college sophomore majoring in Spanish. 

5.  Get to the point in therapy where I feel happy and comfortable switching to a "maintenance" schedule of every other week, because I think it's time.  

Well, I did this though having the worst panic attack I've had in years, wherein I freaked everyone in my immediate orbit out and was put on some heavy drugs, but that needed to happen and I am less dependent on my therapist now.  So, done!

6.  Increase the amount of money I save every month. 

Done! From $100 to $200.  

7.  Finally pay my parents back the money I borrowed for my health insurance premiums when the museum cut the hours I was able to work two years ago.  (Debt-wise, I have only just sort of recovered from that hours cut.  Bastards.)

Eh, sort of.  It was hard getting them to accept some money but I did.  Not all of it though. 

8.  Continue taking halfway decent care of the car.  (I have a love/hate relationship with cars that sometimes spreads to me not cleaning them when I should.) 

Well, it's not a junk heap, but it needs to be cleaned on the outside and I have no plans to do it.  

9.  Work more on being assertive at work, especially now that I've heard they were looking to give me more leadership-type duties.  

Yup, I've gotten people to help out with the paperwork, even though they don't stick around.  I've also had a few talks about my career. 

10.  Be more aware of appearance, because a woman of thirty shouldn't be surprised by noticing what she's wearing halfway through the day.  (Not that I look dowdy, because I actually get complements on my clothes a lot of the time, but I just should be more aware.) 

Yup, no bathing suits falling apart or pants ripping this year too.  (Last year I had a few wardrobe malfunctions because I was trying to make things last till the end of the season when they clearly weren't going to.)
11.  Less 5ks, more 10ks

Ran 4 10ks this year and am registered to run the First Run 10K in Lowell this year. 
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