larivee22 (larivee22) wrote,

New Year's Resolution Watch: Three Days In

5.  Go to dentist (appointment already made for Jan 4th), doctor, and eye doctor to keep on track with health.

I got a call on the morning of the 2nd saying the dentist had cancelled and I called back to ask why.  Apparently, the dentist hasn't gotten back from vacation yet.  I rescheduled for the 22nd.  Gah.

Also on the doctor front:  I'm on call two of a three call scheduling process.  (I had to change my insurance on Patient Gateway, as well as my doctor, because the provider I liked left last year.)  I need to schedule a pap smear and a liver function test on top of a basic physical, the side effects aging and of crazy pills, which inexplicably makes the whole thing harder than it has to be.  The eye doctor has to wait until I get the liver test out of the way for the psycho pharm, because I only have enough ephemerol refills to last till March.  

7.  Stay on top of car maintenance.

The battery died on Sunday, and we found it was a year older than the ideal age to replace the battery.  But we did manage to change the windshield wipers... a month after we noticed the rubber was peeling away from the backs.  Well, we still have the rest of the year....

10.  (Nicely) get the caff to adequately mark vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, because they've just started offering "vegetarian" options with fish, chicken broth, and other non vegetarian ingredients.  Ugh.
I called them up to talk to them about this, and sent them the definition of Vegetarian from the British Society of Vegetarians website.  I also got the other vegetarian in the department involved in my little campaign.  They responded by not labeling anything at all on the menus for the rest of the month.  Well, I did what I could.  
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