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New Year's Resolution Watch: The Dentistning

I went to Harvard Dental School today for my appointment, and it was mostly a good experience.  The exception to the general positivity of the experience being the receptionist was a little abrupt when I went to the front desk but didn't know who my doctor was or which window to go to right away.  (I explained it was my first time there and no one mentioned what doctor I was seeing, and she mellowed.)  Also, I had x-rays, which seldom go all that well.  In the old days, they used to waste film on me because I'd gag or bite wrong or throw up.  (I have an unusually small mouth, so getting dental work is hard for reasons other than the fact that I'm a nut.)  This time, they had these diodes covered in plastic and hooked up to a computer, which bit into my tongue so much my mouth is still kind of sore, but they felt more solid so I didn't feel like I was about to swallow them, and they didn't stick into my throat.  They also gave me some second and third chances to get really good pics of my teeth, unlike the old days when the exasperated technician would just give up and send me back to the dentist after a semi-usable set was produced.*

Then I walked back to the teaching office, where I got to hear the words I always hear at the dentist.  ("So Nixmarie tells me you're a gagger.")  And it turns out my teeth are basically healthy, but I need to get them bleached because it's hard to tell the surface pre-cavities from the stain of three years without dental care. (Ah, the delights of no insurance.)  If it turns out I just have some trouble spots, I'll just need some take home fluoride treatment.  Also, two of my fillings look like they're leaking, which doesn't hurt but sounds like something I want to get fixed.  So I'm back in three weeks for the bleaching, and then they'll figure out what to do with my teeth from there.  Hopefully, I won't need too much work, because although the dental school is a good deal financially -- right now my treatment's less than $200 for the xrays and cleaning, most private practices start at $300 and work their way up -- I do actually have a job.  

Ah, the ka-ching of money rushing into their till.  (Although I do believe them when they say I need some work done, they actually went through my x-rays with me in a group of students, which was kind of cool.)

The doctor appointment has been postponed until March, because my employer just changed insurance to something much better, and I want to use the good insurance when it goes into effect in March.

Isn't this exciting?  

I kind of find it interesting, actually.   

*It surprises me sometimes the way I get treated now that people know I have anxiety issues / am an adult / am pretty well versed in health care stuff, versus the way I got treated as a child.  As an adult, people really try to make me feel better and work with me, as a kid I was always made to feel like I was giving the doctor a hard time on purpose because I shrank when people tried to touch me, or I was asking too many questions to be a smart ass (I notice girls have to deal with that misinterpretation more than boys).  I wonder if the world has changed or people just suck when dealing with kids.  Especially smart girls.  Probably a bit of both.  I'm probably more willing to meet people half way too, truth be told.  
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